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Your Buying Advisor has access to hundreds of homes you can’t find online. We’ve built an unparalleled network to source homes from brokerages across Dubai, so you only ever have to deal with one person, your Nomad Buying Advisor.

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“We couldn’t be happier. We thank Nomad for their continuous support in helping us land the dream home.”

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“Elena worked tirelessly to find me the perfect home and make it as painless as possible was AMAZING.”

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5 stars


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Transparent advice tailored to your style, situation, and budget. Our advisors aren’t paid on commission, so you know they’ve got your best interests (and home) in mind.

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Your Buying Advisor has experience negotiating hundreds of home purchases and you get access to all of that.

Whatever your purchase is a family home or a rental investment, your Buying Advisor will make sure you get the best price possible.

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Eva was the BEST advisor I could have hoped for. She went above and beyond. She anticipated needs and met them all with a smile on her face and expert advice.

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Eva Bittremieux

Leasing Expert, Downtown Dubai

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