Helping investors get the ROI they were looking for

This is the story of a couple looking to invest in Dubai Real State market and their success in finding not only one, but three opportunities that met their requirements in less than a week.

The objective was clear: investing in properties that could get them immediate ROI,

The couple were decided to buy. So Karan made sure to speed up the process: the same day they contacted Nomad Homes, he already sent them suggestions (23rd of May). The next week, they were viewing properties (31st of May). And that same night, they made the offer at 11:59 that night. On the 1st of June they received the deposit.

Karan spent entire days with the couple, viewing 8 to 9 properties, understanding what they needed and making sure they were well looked after during the entire home buying process.

What they loved about Nomad Homes is that we had enough reach and knowledge when it came to the right kind of investment for them, Karan made sure to guide them, prepare all the needed documents and showed them the ROI and expected rent they could get.

At the end of it all, when they made the decision, Karan gave them the support and information on the steps to follow to finalise the purchase.

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