"The apartment Ibrahim managed to find for us had everything we're looking for"

Due to the crazy raise of rent prices in Dubai, Nassib and his wife took the decision to buy a property. This is their home buying story and how they managed to get their dream home with Nomad Homes and Ibrahim's help.

Dubai prices started to increase like crazy. This was gonna bring an additional $1000 per year on our rent. And then the idea of buying a house came to our mind.

With rising rent prices, the couple was sick of paying somebody else's mortgage. That is why they started looking to buy and got referred to Nomad Homes by work colleagues. Once they got assigned their Nomad Advisor, Ibrahim, they understood what the process would look like and shared all the requests of the property they were looking for.

Ibrahim really showed exceptional customer service and exceptional attention to detail. And he kept on persisting on finding us an apartment. And that's what happened.

With their initial budget, it was hard to find properties that matched their criteria. But with Ibrahim's help, and by adjusting their budget to the reality of the market, they started to see their purchase project come to life.

I felt safe dealing with Nomad, knowing that I had someone that I can rely on in order to get the right apartment for me.

After more than 15 viewings organized by Ibrahim to fit Nassib's agenda, they finally found the property they were looking for: it had the park view, the pool view, the space, and the kitchen appliances built in.

However, negotiating the price and closing the deal was not so easy. They had to stick to their budget, but the offer price was above that amount. However, with Ibrahim's negotiation they managed to finally get a 15.000 AED discount.

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We got the apartment and we really established a very good relationship with Ibrahim. Like right now I don't call him my Nomad Advisor anymore. I do call him a friend.

The moment they crossed the door, they knew that was the apartment they wanted. They felt some special energy and they were convinced they were not going to leave without getting it.

My experience with Nomad and Ibrahim was not just perfect or excellent. It was actually above and beyond.

When looking back at the whole process, Nassib highlights the ease and peace of mind as the main benefits Nomad Homes gave him and his wife. He recalls how stressed he was, having the pressure to find something fast because their rent was overdue and mortgage rates kept increasing, and the relief he felt when he found Ibrahim and Nomad Homes.

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"This is how we got our place right now that we are living in. And to be honest, I couldn't have done it without Ibrahim because this is my first apartment that I'm buying."

Now, every time he comes across somebody who looks to buy, Nassib recommends Nomad Homes as "The One-Stop Shop for Home Buying". He even carries some Ibrahim's business cards with him, and hands them over saying "This is your guy, he's gonna guide you throughout everything and he's going to explain to you everything. You will not be disappointed."