Our top tips for renting a property in Dubai

February 28, 2023

We know how stressful the home-search process is, from combing hundreds of listings (duplicates and fakes too) to organizing endless paperwork between the agents and landlord. Connect with a Nomad Homes Advisor for worry-free house-hunting.

With such a dynamic and vibrant economy, the exceptional standard of living and a wealth of opportunities for young professionals and families, it’s no surprise that rental property in Dubai is in such high demand. But living in one of the fastest-growing cities in the world is a financial commitment that you need to go into with your eyes open.

The rental system in Dubai requires tenants to pay a hefty proportion of their annual rent upfront, rather than in smaller monthly amounts. Plus there are lots of additional extras to think about, including ‘chiller’ fees for that all-important air conditioning. Before you relocate to this city in the sun, here are a few things you need to know before you rent property in Dubai.

1 - Make sure your listing is legit

Our advisors will navigate through all listings before they send them to you. We will ensure they are real and all information is up to date. No more worrying about the dozens of duplicate listings out there.

2 - Location

As with all property, there are three words that matter – location, location, location! Dubai is a big city, so if you need a short commute time and are happy with city center living then Downtown Dubai is the place to be. If, however, you have a young family and want that extra green space and a larger villa and are happy to commute then one of the outlying developments offers everything you need. You’re still only a short distance from the center of the city but bear in mind that just like any other metropolis the rush-hour traffic can be frustratingly slow. Choose a location with easy access to Dubai’s exceptional public transport network.

3 - Parking

It’s a big consideration for modern urban dwellers, where do you park your car? Many apartment blocks only allocate one parking space per household. If you’re a two-car family then that could be a problem, as additional parking for residents can be extremely limited in the centre of the city. Check what’s available before you pick a property to rent.

Additional Information

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Serviced apartments are popular among young professionals, but make sure you know exactly who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the property before you sign the tenancy. For example, look out for agreements that have clauses saying that any maintenance under a certain amount (i.e. AED 500) is down to the tenant, and not the landlord. If there are any issues with the property before you take up residence, make sure you know who is responsible for sorting it out.

Your rental price?

Your landlord cannot suddenly decide to raise your rent, and any rent increase must follow the Rent Index as laid out by RERA. So if your rent is up to 10% less than the average value of like-for-like properties then your landlord cannot increase it at all, while properties that are 11-15% less than the average can only see a rent increase of up to 5%. If a property is considerably cheaper than a neighboring like-for-like apartment, then ask why it’s so cheap, and what are the chances of the rent going up mid-tenancy. Also remember that your landlord has to give you 90 days’ notice before a rent increase.

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